Lore's Books - My Brother's Life, Childhood to Holocaust

This books tells the story of the life of Oswald Herbert Jacobi, Lore's brother.
The book also contains poetry that Lore wrote about the tragic deportation of her brother and
some information about the political and cultural situation in Annecy, France at the time.

Here are some scans of selected pages from the book:

Page left - Oswald as a baby. Page right - Oswald as a young man and the story of his birth


Photos of Oswald as a small boy and the story of his birth continued


Page left - Oswald's identity travel card from a five week trip to Holland he went on as a boy.
Page right - Oswald and other children involved in the trip, with Fritz, Else and the other children's parents standing behind


Newspaper coverage of the trip and a postcard that Fritz wrote to Oswald while he was away in Holland.


Page left - A class photo at the Schwanthalerschule in 1928, the year that Oswald started school there (Oswald not in photo)
and the school drinking fountain as it was in 1991. Page right - Various photos of Oswald as a boy