Lore's Books - Jewish Roots, German Life, Volume 2

The second volume of Lore's family history series concentrates on the paternal side - the Jacobis.
The book describes the porcelain factory founded by Lore's grandfather, Issac Jacobi, and how fondly this company and its
produce is still remembered by those in the town of Neuleiningen, Germany, today.
This volume also features a brief history of the former synagogue in Grünstadt.

Here are some scans of selected pages from the book:

The Jacobi family tree and an introduction to Lore's paternal grandparents, Sophie Jacobi, née Siegel, and Isaac Jacobi


Images of Grünstadt in the early 1900s and photos of the houses buit by Lore's grandfather (Issac Jacobi) and his cousin in 1891, as they stand in 1997


Daniel Confino and Maria Schwarze-Kaufman in the inner courtyard of what was once Moses Adler's mill house,
where the Jacobis found hydraulic power for their porcelain factory


A commissioned commemorative plate by Jacobi, Adler & Co. for the choirmaster on a 50th jubilee in 1887


Images of various paternal relatives of Lore's. On page left is Frederick Jacobi with whom Lore regularly corresponded after being reunited.
On page right is Gustav Seelenberger, a descendant of Jacob Jacobi


The gravestones of Isaac and Sophie Jacobi at the Jewish Cemetery in Grünstadt


On page left - the Testament of Bernhard Jacobi. On page right - a Business Advertisement for B.Jacobi & Sons in Grünstadt


The Hotel Jakobslust, once a regular venue for Jewish functions, but was allegedly far less accomodating to Jews after Hitler came to power.
The Hotel has been in family possession since 1672 and in 2000 the owner was Frau Schlupp (shown page right).
Frau Schlupp gave Lore and family a very warm welcome on their various visits to Grünstadt