Nyth Bran
Capel Curig,
N. Wales.

Tel. Capel Curig 237

My Dearest Love,

A thousand apologies for not having written before, but I have been away shooting for quite a time and also have twisted my ankle and haven’t felt like doing much lately.

Your poem is very good indeed and I like it very much and I have added a bit here and there and I think it improves it a lot, if you don’t like keep to the original version.

Here is my version of it:

“The wind caresses the slim-trunked trees,
They bend to its will in the autumn breeze.
Dipped in its golden hue they sway,
Blinking, as touched by some far off ray.”

I have painted two of the best oil paintings I have ever done during the last few days, and I have managed to put into them the feeling I felt when I painted them, a thing I have never done before. One is of wild ducks dropping in on a sunset marsh. I call it “Chill glow the heavens with last steps of day.”

NB: This letter is incomplete