Lore's Story

Lore Jacobi was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in December 1923. By the time
the second world war came to an end 22 years later, she had lost her entire

The death of her mother Else to cancer when Lore was just nine was followed
five years later by her father Fritz, who suffered a heart attack soon
after securing Lore's escape from Nazi Germany to England in the wake of

The rest of her family became victims of Hitler's Final Solution. In the 1940s Lore's brother Oswald and both her maternal grandparents, Isaac and Sara Ermann, all perished as a result of the Holocaust.

Despite narrowly escaping death at the hands of the SS, Lore's life In
England was not a bed of roses, having no close family to count on for
support and having to adapt to a traditional boarding school in England
with no knowledge of the native language.

She quickly learnt English and after completing school went on to secure a
job in the Austrian Section at the BBC, where she fell in love with her
husband to be, Nissim Confino, a war refugee from Bulgaria who was working
in the East European section.

Despite a strong love, the early years of their marriage was not easy,
moving from war in Europe for conflict in the Middle East, witnessing the
birth of the state of Israel and subsequent war with the encircling Arab

Their return to England five years later was necessitated by the diagnosis
of their second child Moshe with severe autism and the need for specialist
care, unavailable in Israel. Within three years of their return, the couple
suffered the terrible pain of losing their first child Rachel.

Later years saw Lore and Nissim settling down to a more traditional family
life in London's surburbia and have five further children. Lore became the
beloved grandmother to thirteen grandchildren before her death in 2007.
Nissim had passed away 21 years earlier, having known just two of his

They are both very much missed by their family and by all those whose
lives they touched with their kindness and passion for life.

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