Childhood Years


Letter to Lore from her father, Fritz Jacobi

15th February 1939

Your last letter gave me as much pleasure as does all your news. What luck that you have so much variety. The shampoo and the two comedians must have been great fun. I remember from past times such delicious humour is only found in England.

Your dear grand-mother fulfilled your wish and phoned Ruth L. She will write to you. Have you heard anything from Uncle Jo? He departed with a heavy heart but he will come to terms with his destiny.

Today we had a letter from Oswald from Paris. He was waiting for Auntie Eileen. You are quite right, dear Lorchen, that everything will settle itself now that he hasn’t got to come here but it would be good if he could finish his training. If he can’t go back, then he must also go there and learn a new profession if necessary.

I read with great interest that you made friends with a girl from South America. One can hope that valuable future connections will spring from this which will be useful to you and your brother. I was also pleased with the way you put the girl in her place with a quick and above all tactful repartee to ‘typically German.’ You are after all my daughter. Always stand up for yourself, then things won’t go badly for you. But you must be managing quite well with the language if you can answer back in this manner.

Now I will give you Oswald’s address so you can write to him on Sunday in case he is still at the same hotel. Have you received the sweets meanwhile? Yesterday the dictionary went off to you. I don’t hear much from Uncle Berthold. They are leaving for Stuttgart on 7th March.

I am convinced that your cold passed so well and without swollen glands because you are by the sea. The climate by the sea is extremely healthy especially for your problem. I am also pleased that you enjoy your food. Do you also have butter for breakfast?

There is nothing of importance to report from here. Everything goes on as before. Edith G. and her father want to come tomorrow. I will tell Edith about you. They still don’t know where to go. The world is closed to them, too. I want to finish now.

With love and kisses,

Ever your father