Roots - Gravestones of the Elsaesser Family and their Descendants

The gravestone of Fritz Jacobi and Else Jacobi nee Ermann

The inscription on the gravestone reads in translation: Even though you have left us you are always with us in our thoughts.

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The Jewish Cemetery, Frankfurt, where the gravestone of Lore Confino's parents, Fritz and Else Jacobi, is situated.

Gravestone of Lore's Maternal Great Uncle Adolf Elsaesser

Gravestones of Lore Confino's Maternal Great Aunt, Betty Bentley nee Elsaesser and Great Uncle Max Bentley

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The Willesden Cemetery, London,
where Max and Betty Bentley's graves are situated

The gravestone of Lore's Maternal Great Aunt,
Recha Jacobi Belmont, nee Elsaesser

The gravestone of Lore's Maternal Great Uncle, Joseph Jacobi Belmont

The gravestone of the daughter of Recha and Joseph Jacobi Belmont, Marguerite Ullman, nee Jacobi Belmont and her husband Louis Ullmann

The gravestone of the daughter of Marguerite and Louis Ullman,
Colette Ullman

The gravestone of the Lore Confino's Maternal Aunt, Gretel Sautter nee Ermann and her husband Richard Sautter