Roots - Else Jacobi (nee Ermann)

Introduction to Else Jacobi by Lore

My mother, Else Ermann, was born in Frankfurt/Main on 13th March 1893. She grew up together with her beloved sister Gretel. Only a few records exist of her early years.

In 1913 Else came to London to stay with her aunt Betty Elsaesser Bentley (Mother of Muriel and Derrick) and her uncle Adolf Elsaesser (father of Eileen, Phyllis and Hilda) at 9 Ferucroft Ave, Platts Lane, Hampstead. She was there for Eileen’s birthday party. Else returned to Germany before the outbreak of World War I.

Back home, Else took up work with the Bank Lazard Speyer-Ellison where she had a successful career.

In November 1919 she became engaged to my father Fritz Jacobi. Else and Fritz were married in Frankfurt on 3rd March 1920 in a Registry Office, not wishing to have a synagogue wedding.

In September 1922 Oswald was born followed in December 1923 by the birth of Lore.

It was not given to Else to see her children grow up for long. She was diagnosed to have cancer of the stomach and suffered months of agonising pain. We children had to be very quiet about the house and did not fully understand the seriousness of her condition. Every day we tiptoed into her room and kissed her and talked to her. The doctor called regularly and she had to be given morphine to ease her pain. She died on 13th July 1932 in the same year as her sister Gretel.

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(Above) Fritz and Else Jacobi

(Above Left) Else on a farm; possibly while visiting her uncle Max Bentley in England in 1913. (Above Right) A studio photo of Else.