FAMILY HISTORY - By Lore Confino

The family Jacobi have had an interesting history which can be dated back to the mid 18th century. The Rhine Palatinate, where the family had settled for some generations, had been taken over by France in 1801. The Jews resident there, were up to that time known by their first names only until, in 1808, they had to acquire and register family names by edict of Napoleon. My great-great-grandfather, Isaak ben Jakob, born in 1768 in Gruenstadt, chose the family name Jakobi, spelled initally with K but in time, the K was changed to C...

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Jacob Jacobi
Born: 1734
Isaac Jacobi Born: 1768
Jacob Jacobi Died: 1780
Isaac Jacobi Died: 1819
Bernhard Jacobi Born: 1807
Bernhard Jacobi Died: 1863
Henrietta Hess Born: 1840
Henrietta Hess Died: 1913
Isaak Jacobi Born: 1837
Sophie Siegel Born 1849
Isac Ermann Born 1859
Isac Ermann Died 1942
Sara Elsaesser Born 1869
Sara Elsaesser Died 1944
Sophie Siegel Died: 1935
Isaac Jacobi Died: 1893
Fritz Jacobi
Born: 1877
Fritz Jacobi
Died: 1939
Oswald Jacobi Born: 1922
Oswald Jacobi Died: 1942?
Lore Jacobi
Born: 1923
Lore Jacobi
Died: 2007
Nissim Confino Born: 1917
Nissim Confino Died: 1986
Else Ermann Born: 1893
Else Ermann Died: 1932